Due to the lifting of restrictions on Veterinary Clinics by the provincial government, we will be returning to full services very soon. Please bear with us as we prepare to ramp back up our services. We will be booking Annual Vaccines and Heartworm testing starting in June. We will be opening our grooming services as of next Friday (May 22nd) for our regular weekly grooming day, there will be a waiting list so please call us to be added to it. We will be coordinating with our groomer to open a few more days to try to catch up with the back log. We will be keeping our hours as they currently are, for now. Again, we thank you for your patience as we all try to navigate our new normal

Bayview Mall Veterinary Hospital is monitoring the rapidly changing situation closely. As it has progressed and we are striving to provide the most protection to all of our clients and staff during this critical time. With this in mind effective March 18, 2020 we will be offering parking lot triage. Our goal is to extend care to all of our clients as long as we possibly can and hopefully throughout the current crisis. We hope that by taking these measures it will provide a safe environment for all.

Please call us when you arrive for you appointment and remain in your car

This process involves a staff member coming to your car to pick up your pet and bringing your pet to the back for treatment and returning your pet to you at your vehicle

Our Veterinarian will speak to you on the phone regarding history, symptoms and findings. 

For this process, we are prepared to accept credit card payments over the phone.

Our hope is to minimize the number of people our clients come into contact with as well as our staff. This is a stressful time for everyone and we do not want our clients worrying about their pets, so we will do our best to remain available for everyone while creating a safe environment

If you are picking up food and/or medications PLEASE CALL US and we can bring it to your car