Cesky Terrier

"The Quiet Terrier"

Photo of Cesky Terrier


The original Cesky (pronounced “chess-kee”) Terrier is from the Czech Republic, first bred in 1949 from a Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier when Mr. Frantisik Horak was trying to create a terrier suitable for hunting in packs. They came to the US in the 1980s and were recognized by the AKC beginning in 2011.


If you’re looking for an excellent companion you can take almost anywhere, the Cesky Terrier might be for you. They are playful and sporty, yet calm, sweet, loyal and obedient. They love people, but need a firm set of rules or they can be stubborn and defiant. While they’re not as excitable as other terriers, they are still hunting dogs that like to dig and chase.


While Cesky Terriers are born black or black and tan, most mature dogs are charcoal to platinum gray. Their long, fine, wavy coats are often clipped to show their muscly necks and bodies, but their mustache, beard and eyebrows are left long and bushy. They have a square jaw, short legs, triangular drop ears and a 7 to 8 inch tail.


A well-trained Cesky Terrier is a joy to have around the house. With a consistent set of rules, they are well-mannered and eager to please. They are too sensitive for harsh training techniques and have a short attention span, so stick to positive reinforcement and short, interesting training sessions on a frequent basis.

Grooming & Care

If you enjoy brushing and grooming, you will enjoy caring for a Cesky Terrier. A very low shedding breed, they need to be brushed at least twice a week, but daily is best, and they need to be clipped about 4 to 6 times a year. Hair between the toes and in the ears needs to be trimmed.

Health Concerns

They’re generally healthy, but can be prone to Scottie Cramp Syndrome, which is inherited from the parents, so ask breeders directly about it. They’re also prone to obesity because they love food, so keep an eye on their diet.

Famous Cesky Terrier

Brubeck, Best of Breed at Westminster, and Best in Show in Canada.

Ideal Owner
Activity LevelModerate
SchedulePart-time or willing to hire a dog walker
Personal StyleEasygoing and casual, Affectionate
Training StyleConsistent, Firm, Gentle
HomeAnything goes with enough exercise
ChildrenThe more, the merrier!
ExperienceNot necessary
Quick Facts
GroomingConsider a professional groomer
ExerciseModerate - needs to walk or play every day
TrainingFast learner, Learns well but bores easily
TempermentFriendly, Goofy and playful, Sweet, Headstrong
ChallengesCan be stubborn if the rules are inconsistent. Need to be well-socialized from a young age so they’re not shy with strangers.
Height10 to 13 inches
Weight13 to 24 pounds
Life12 to 15 years
Home AloneCan be vocal
With KidsExcellent
With StrangersReserved
AvailabilityRare and may have a waiting list

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