Dear friends,

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I find myself writing to notify you of the unexpected passing of my dear friend and colleague Dr. Marinus VandenBrink.

“Dr.Van”, as he is known to many of you, opened Bayview Mall Veterinary Clinic in 1970 and it’s growth and success over the years was a testament to his dedication to animal health and client satisfaction. Our team has been inspired by his knowledge, experience, care and concern – we have held ourselves to the standard that he set in wanting the very best for anybody in our care. Personally, Dr. VandenBrink was not a colleague, but a mentor and father figure. After working with him for 13 years I felt absolutely privileged when he decided that he wanted me to become the new owner of his beloved clinic. After years of putting his heart and soul into the practice, he wanted somebody to take over ownership and allow him to continue being a vet. As many of you are aware, I took over as the owner of Bayview Mall Veterinary Clinic in 2011 while Dr. Van remained, working passionately as a veterinarian on our team.

The Bayview Mall Veterinary team is truly a family and the clinic, our home. Losing Dr. Van leaves a hole I simply cannot express in words. We will re- focus our sadness into helping our clients and patients as we know that, in this way, we will be able to honour his legacy for many years to come.

As we get further details we will update our website and facebook page. We know that so many of you our clients have come to feel, as we do, that Dr.Van was a part of their family.


Dr. Diane Tsang, on behalf of the entire Bayview Mall Veterinary Team.