"The 'All About the Bird' Dog"

Photo of Brittany


Probably related to European settlers, the Brittany used to be called a Brittany Spaniel. The name was changed to acknowledge that the Brittany hunts more like a setter than a spaniel. According to the European standard, the Brittany is grouped as a pointing breed. In other words, this is a versatile all-around hunter, and the Brittany can do it all – setting, pointing, flushing, and retrieving. A popular hunting companion, the Brittany has risen dramatically in popularity in the last century, and is currently the 31st most popular AKC-breed. His ground-covering stride carries him quickly across a field searching for birds – or in a park after a ball.


These dogs are playful and happy to join their family in anything. Most are friendly and accepting of strangers. Some Britts are hesitant about meeting new people, so they do well with a puppy kindergarten or other social activities as soon as they're immunized. They're happy, waggy dogs who always greet their family with an invitation to play.


White with orange or liver markings and medium-length hair. Color may be clear or roaned (streaks of color through the white). Tri markings are occasionally found. Some are born with a natural bobbed tail; otherwise, the tail is docked in the western hemisphere. The body is leggy. Eyes tone with coat, usually amber to hazel.


A Britt is tuned in to his owner, alert and eager to please. Lots of praise and food motivation will turn this guy on to anything you want to do. They're good obedience workers and are streaks of flying hair when participating in agility or flyball. They'll keep at it until you're tired out!

Grooming & Care

Easy care brushing to remove dead hair and to keep the coat healthy. This also helps remove burrs and other debris accumulated during outings, particularly if the dog runs through the brush.

Health Concerns

Eye and hip problems, seizures, some heart or liver disease.

Famous Brittany

Dual CH/AFC Ban-Dee, who won 3 National Chamionships and is the AKC Dog Hall of Fame.

Ideal Owner
Activity LevelVery Active
ScheduleFull-time but comes home for lunch
Personal StyleFriendly,
Training StyleConsistent, Positive
HomeFenced yard or access to one
ChildrenThe more, the merrier!
ExperienceNot necessary
Quick Facts
GroomingEasy to care for - brush weekly
ExerciseVery high - this breed loves to run and needs vigorous daily workouts
TrainingEager to please
TempermentLoyal, Friendly, Intelligent
ChallengesA Brittany is interested in doing almost anything and likes to do it with you. No down days here!
Height17.5 to 20 inches
Weight30 to 40 pounds
Life10 to 12 years
Home AloneFine with lots of exercise first
With KidsWill tire them out for you
With StrangersCautious at first but okay with them if you are
AvailabilityAvailable, so choose your breeder carefully

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