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Justin Tsang


The reason I became a vet. …gone way too soon May 2, 2006 – thank you to all the staff for their expertise, kindness and caring during Ozzie’s illness.Pam & Mike Budge & Family

Hamish Vandenbrink


Loved and missed dearly by the Vandenbrinks. He will always be remembered! My lovely boy was such a silly, happy go lucky pug. He had 3 loves: to eat, to play and to sit in our laps. Otherwise you would find him sleeping in the sun. He is now back to running and playing in heaven. We have great memories of him and were lucky to have had him in our lives.

Barkley Booth



Barkley, our big cat, passed away Dec 2008 at the age of 14. He is missed by his little sister and the rest of the family. Many thanks to Dr. Van and staff who managed to keep him going when he got sick 5 years earlier.